The 'Moates' Software: Free GMECM Communications Software

NEW!! Bin Compiler program: Bincomp.ZIP
(for putting together 'stacked' BINs on larger chips)

Also: VEPhD program

New software update as of 08/12/02 : ver 8.52
Click to download:

Older version with source code & such: ECM850B.ZIP

Stand-alone free communications software for
GMECM 1227165 & 1227730 (all TPI systems)

Need an inexpensive cable or interface? Build one using schematics on this page or
Andrew Mattei or Steve Ruse for quality kits and assemblies!


Older circuit diagrams (for educational purposes): max232 - max233 - 2-Transistor
UPDATED Max232 circuits (both recommended):
AKM232 - FCM232

ARAP bin EPROM image (unaltered): ARAP
UPDATED ARAP-compatible WinBin ECU file:

Older documentation for program: e6-doc.txt
Newer documentation and FAQ: ecmfaq.txt

Link to older versions and source code (e6b004, etc): Old Stuff

Note: Most people have problems running the program with any OS newer than Win98.
To make a boot-disk for MS-DOS 6.22, Win95, or Win98, please refer to this site:
Boot Disks

Please test the program and provide feedback on its performance.

If you find inaccuracies or have issues, please notify me immediately!
Craig Moates
(page updated on 08/12/02)

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