USB device driver installation details for Windows XP


1)      Plug in the USB device

2)      Upon plug-in, you’ll see the driver wizard pop up. Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” and click next:

3)      After clicking “Next”, you’ll be asked where to search for the driver. Uncheck “search removable media (flobby, CD-ROM…) and make sure to check “Include this location in the search:” and browse to the unzipped driver files by clicking the “browse” button.

4)      Click Next.

5)      At this point the system will search for the driver. once found, you’ll see this:

6)      click “continue anyway”. at this point the drivers will install and you’ll be presented with the completion window:

7)      Click finish

That completes the driver installation

To confirm driver install and configure the port

1)      right click on “my computer” (on the desktop) and select “properties”

2)      click the “hardware” tab

3)      click “device manager”

4)      expand “ports”

5)      confirm that “ USB Device driver (COM3)” is present:

6)      Double click the device in the list and select the “port settings” tab to configure basic port settings

7)      click “advanced” on the port settings tab to configure advanced driver features

a.       it is recommended that you set “Latency Timer (msec)” to 1

b.      it is recommended that you set the COM Port Number to COM3.

This completes port configuration.