Home of DIY tuning for the '411 PCM

XDF files for TunerPro supporting the 2001 LS1/Vortec PCMs

Whats new:

The tuning definitions for the '411 PCM are now available. These definition files cover the fuel system, spark advance, emmissions systems, engine idle control, diagnostics, and vehicle and transmission options. These can be downloaded by clicking the links that are located to the right.

The PCMs supported cover the 2001 model year (e.g. OS#'s 12202088, 12208322). As of now, these files do not yet fully support the 2002 PCMs. The later calibration was revised to use a standard OS (OS# 12212156), and many parameters have been moved to new locations within the binary.


It takes a lot of effort and tools to make this stuff happen. Your support will help keep this project going. Currently there are XDFs for the engine and diagnostics, but the transmission and electronic throttle still need work. To make this happen, it takes tools like test benches, an oscilloscope, function generator, and other items that can be rather expensive. Please consider giving a donation to keep this project moving. For clarity, the donations will be going to myself (dimented24x7) as the individual developer and not the host of the FTP (moates.net).

What You'll Find Here...

This site contains tuning definition files for the PCMs used in the 2001 model year PCMs used in GM cars and trucks using the LS1 and L31 vortec engines. These files allow the editing of various parameters in the PCM, such as spark, fuel, supported error codes, etc. The tuning definitions are broken down by the system the parameters are related to, such as, spark, fuel, transmission, PID diagnostics, and vehicle options. Links to these files are available in the sidebar. For the future, there is also a tuning definition in the works that will allow scanning and datalogging through the OBD-II port once the hardware and definitions have been tested.

Some examples of what are in the XDFs:

Spark Advance Table

Inverse Lambda Table

Mass Airflow Transfer Function Table

Supported PIDs

There are roughly 600 parameters defined between all the XDFs, and these cover pretty much everything that will need to be tuned if your using the PCM to just run the engine only with a non-CC automatic or a manual transmission. Each XDF contains various paramters related to its category, and automatically updates the relevant checksums within the binary.